Alexander Vice
Homeworld "Coruscant"
Born TBA
Died "Insert when character died (If Applicable"
Alternate Names Darth Calamity
Physical Description
Species Human
Gender Male
Height Varies
Hair Color Unknown
Eye Color Unspecified, lacks iris'
Skin Color Pale
Historical Information
Rank Sith Apprentice
Affiliations Sith Organization
Known Masters TBA
Known Apprentices TBA

Name: Alexander Vice
Alias': Darth Calamity
Era: 330ABY


Father: Alexander J. Vice
Mother: Syndra Q. Vice
Siblings: NA

Profession: Engineer, dark-side affiliate

Created,illustrated, and played by: FierceOmen


Despite his close nobility to the Republic politicians among Coruscant, Alex spent most of his growing years below the city surface, where he became affiliated with crime syndicates who took him under their wing. He developed a passion for engineering, becoming a young prodigy when it came to developing new technologies. At the beginning stage of his adolescence, Alex ran away from home to join a pirate regime and begin his years as a deck hand and mercenary, earning money where he could, and participating in thievery when it got tight. With the investments earned, he developed advanced technologies that both enhanced the ship, and aided the crew. It was at the beginning stages of Robert's siege that Alex committed mutiny and took bearings over the ship and crew.
Various skirmishes during that time period ended with great misfortune. A direct hit to the deck ripped a torrent through Alex's cabin while hovering over Naboo, tearing off his left arm and legs. Saved by his devoted crew members and having escaped, it was here that he began extensive work on prosthetics, using his vast knowledge in engineering to replace his missing limbs. He would later go on to discover his unnatural affiliation to the force, and find comfort in taking the path to the dark side.


"Kid, you got some talent. We need talent!" — Grad Lavarse to Alex Vice after taking interest in his ability to tamper with Ion dynamics

Alex grew up to a wealthy family despite his eventual outcome. He was a prudent learner, a keen adapter, and was unnaturally structured for his age. Inevitably it was his constant ventures below Coruscant that perhaps lead him to darker ways, finding thrill in the talk of criminal adventure, and pouncing on any opportunity to tamper with complex machinery. He soon ran away from home, joining Grad Lavarse, captain of worn down warship at the time, and supporting his hobby as a space pirate.


"Your retirement came earlier than expected…" — Vice to Lavarse after executing him in front of the crew

Lavarse often used Vice's talents as an engineer to sustain his ship and provide weapon and shielding advancements for his men at arms as well. It was due to Vice's breakthroughs that eventually led to a greater success rate when raiding other space vessels; up to the point where they could contend with large imperial star destroyers. It was at the beginning stages of Robert's siege that Vice stepped forward, relieving Captain Lavarse in a brutal mutiny, justifying that his inevitable greed was inadequate, and would only hinder his judgment when compared tp the growing threat. Vice enforced stealth during his raids, achieving vast successes despite the increasing patrol of Skywalker's forces. Suffice it to say, he was at the wrong place at the wrong time, when infiltrating a various Republic Sector on Naboo. Robert's fleet tore through the landscape, and Vice immediately advised evasive maneuvers, the ship suffered a heavy blow to the starboard side, ripping the captain's quarters to shred's, and taking with it Vice's left arm and legs. After their escape, and Alex's full recovery, he focused on prosthetics. Not too long after he was back on his feet, he was confronted by a Sith, during a pilgrimage, who had found him to be quite force-sensitive, and convinced him to learn the ways of the dark-side. He embraced the dark side finding content in using it's abilities to further his ambitions, and although the lack of limbs made it nigh impossible to use the force to great extent, he nonetheless retained specific qualities, particularly the ability to embed what force he could manipulate within various other materials, a skill he used quite often to enhance his prosthetics.

Personality and Traits

Calculative, strategic, and reserved; Alex Vice is vastly known for his intellect, both in and out of battles. Despite his aspirations on the prospect of the dark side, his qualities are more on par with that of the Jedi. He often shows a substantial level of patience, collaborates well with his members, and strives to coordinate in groups. His personality is very taciturn and hidden, and rarely does he speak unless he has something rather important to say.

Powers and Abilities


Health Issues/Weaknesses

Despite having grown up relatively healthy, his substantial wounds cost him 3 limbs. Noticeable weaknesses are often found in his prosthetics, rather than in his physical deformities. They include:

- Grapple-saber prosthetic: Depending on which Mark is being used at the time, various weaknesses may include: brittle material that is susceptible to successive saber attacks, limited use and power drainage, slower maneuverability due to weight restrictions, bio-to-tech transfer inconsistencies.

- Spring-Step prosthetic: Depending on which Mark is being used at the time, various weaknesses may include: limited use in repulser lift technology due to power restrictions, brittle material that is susceptible to successive saber attacks, and internal wearing.

Appearance and Clothing



Grapple-Saber Prosthetic
- Mark I
Mark I was the initial attempt Vice made in order to incorporate lightsaber technology in tandem with cybornetics. His Prototype, Mark I, was finished and completed with the use of impure cortosis material along side a sophisticated yet problematic light saber structure. The lack of structure, material, and research made it susceptible to a variety of weaknesses, such as: Power Drainage, limited resistance to attacks, errors, frequent shortage, movement restrictions, and constant maintenance, which all pushed toward limited usage.

- Mark II
Mark II was initiated after Mark I went through substantial field testing, after appropriate earnings were obtained, Vice continued his research, progressing his knowledge in ion energy, as well as incorporating more reliable parts and refining his current synthennet and lightsaber integration. Greater energy output allowed for two lightsabers to extend off of the base of the forearm, but errors still resulted, the obvious resistance against lightsaber attacks wasn't enough, cortosis was brittle, and gave in after successive saber attacks, limited power use still existed despite the larger output, thanks to Vice's research in Ion technology.

- Mark III
Mark III was put into effect after Alex Vice became a Sith Lord for their Organization. In a daring move, Alex gathered a group of powerful Sith warriors and made for an attack on Abregado-Rae, staying only long enough to download information on planet Gromas 16, and obtain vital details regarding Mandalorian mining campaigns that took place, as well as historical documents that may provide the clues he needed. After a hasty escape, Vice obtained Phrik and Beskar materials, which he knew would prove vital for his prosthetic. Returning from his ventures, Vice began a complete re-engineering of his project. Having been able to further complicate and miniaturize his power cell, and after melting down and forging various metals composed of Phrik and Beskar, his third and perhaps quite successful Grapple-Saber prosthetic showed promise, however, despite it's maneuverability, increased reaction time, light weight, and tri-tech saber system, errors were still excessive. Power drainage, though incapable of draining thanks to his new power cell technology, nonetheless wasn't enough to sustain the tri-tech saber system, which replaced His index, middle, and third finger with slender shoto saber blades. Thus despite all of it's break throughs, it was relatively weak, and did little to cut through hard materials. It was still capable of sheering flesh with ease, but Vice found much more trouble using it on armored foes.

- Mark VI
Mark IV was the final and most successful augmentation of the Grapple-Saber arm. Vice placed another power cell unit within the prosthetic, and integrated a sensory system that would warn Vice through brain signal if there was a specific problem with the prosthetic. It was this model that cleared up the majority of the problems that consisted among the previous models, and with the successful additional power cell, 5 sabers were able to mimic the arms digits. However, it's substantial size made for slower, but devastatingly powerful strikes, and it was prone to overheating.

Spring-Step Prosthetic
- Mark I
The Spring-Step Prosthetic was the first model Alex used to replace his missing leg appendages. The basic structure since it's first creation had little error, but Vice was prompted to include thruster and repulsor-lift technology in order to establish greater speed and suspended flight. As a result, Mark I saw successive power drainage, which made suspended flight and acceleration limited to no more than short bursts. The Mark I was also made of pure Cortosis, making it resistant to saber attacks, but capable of being overcome by them nonetheless.

- Mark II
Mark II was in affect as the Mark III Grapple-Saber was in development. After his venture to Gromas 16, Mandalore, and Zaadja, Vice hired Mandalorian blacksmith's to melt down his assorted Phrik and Mandalore iron materials and forge new armor for his Grapple-Saber and Spring-Step projects. Thus, Mark II was fitted with new armor capable of deterring sabers inevitably. Breakthrough's in design and the addition of a second miniature power cell made for perfect stability, yet required tedious maintenance from time to time.

- Mark III
Mark III went through minor changes, Vice only went forward with the project after having completed his Mark IV Grapple-Saber, including the sensory system he used with his arm prosthetic so that he would know when his Spring-steps were faulty.

V-Class Rip-Blade
- Mark I
The V-Class Rip-Blade, was a katana-like weapon that was made of Cortosis and was used to resist lightsabers. Despite it's elegance, it was eventually destroyed just before Vice was granted the rank of Sith Lord.

- Mark II
Mark II was put into affect the moment Vice had acquired Beskar and Phrik materials. With Mandalorian expertise placed in the making of armor variants, the Second and final weapon, the V-Class Rip-Blade, was created by mixing Mandalorion iron with Phrik. Creating a weapon that was contend-able with sabers on a surprising scale, and had a keen resistance to electricity.



- Born
- Develops a talent in bio and mechanical engineering
- Runs away from home with Captain Grad Lavarse
- Grows to be a pirate and a mercenary; advances his knowledge in his field of study
- Robert declares war on the Galaxy
- Vice commits mutiny
- Goes on to commit crimes against the Republic, and other sectors of the galaxy through the use of stealth and precision.
- Caught of guard during a siege attack on Naboo. Loses both shins, and his left arm.
- Escapes Naboo, and spends months in recovery
- Begins extensive work, in his field of study, in order to create prosthetics for himself
- Mark I Grapple-Saber arm, and Mark I Spring-Step legs are invented
- Raids a lone vessel outside of the Meridian Sector near the planet Elom. It was here that Vice was confronted by a Sith, who told him that he was force-sensitive
- Alexander Vice travel's to Coruscant on a mission to infiltrate the now Sith Occupied, Jedi Temple. Teaming up with a young homeless girl named, Alice. The two successfully complete their espionage mission, only to be confronted by Cecilia Dradara Orion, who attacks Alex with an intent to kill. The two escape with their lives, only to part ways on other than mutual terms. With exclusive charts regarding sectors of the galaxy, Alex now plans to travel to distant planets in search of rare materials for his projects.

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