Adan Ulem
Homeworld "Nar Shadaa"
Born "306 ABY"
Died ""
Alternate Names "Wolf"
Physical Description
Species "Human"
Gender "Male"
Height "6 foot 4 inches"
Hair Color "Brown"
Eye Color "Grey"
Skin Color "Light"
Historical Information
Rank "Bounty Hunter"

Name: Adan Ulem
Pronunciation: Ah-dan Uh-lem
Alias': Wolf


Father: Unknown Sith
Mother: Kessi Ulem
Siblings: None
Profession: Bounty Hunter

Created,illustrated, and played by: L33T-Phoenix



"You must always live for yourself as a free man young Adan. To be a slave to another is no life 'tall" -Najro Montell

Adan Ulem was born on Nar Shadaa to a hooker. His mother, Kessi Ulem, never had time to take care of him and instead often left him at the local bar where she met most of her clientele. Although wolf never knew it, his father was a sith that was killed shortly after his conception by Robert Skywalker Do to the time he spent in the bar where his mother worked he became much closer with the old scarred bartender Najro Montell than anyone else, even his mother. He learned almost everything from the ex-spacer and soon became an efficiant and calculating gambler at the age of 13. 2 years later his mom was found dead in an alleyway. Adan began to work in the bar where he had spent most of his life to get enough money to go somewhere else. Just when he had saved enough money an errant blaster bolt fired in a bar fight killed Najro, seeing this wolf lept into action and killed the 2 responsible. He then left Nar Shadaa on a freighter to Tatooine seeking to leave his past behind.

Adan spent only 3 weeks alone on Tatooine before he was picked up by a small time devaronian crime boss named Vihrepp Dendo after trying to steal an engine piece. Dendo took an early liking to the boys smooth mechanical thinking and saw a potential for profit. So rather than kill the boy, he used him as a lackey. Eventually Adan became a practiced hitman and was able to avoid suspicion because of his young age. After only 2 years the young man had become the Devaronian Crime Boss's favorite assassin. He began to call the soon to be Bounty Hunter his "Little Dog". This made Adan mad, he had always been told to live his own life and realized that he had become a servant. He carefully made a plan to steal Dendo's money and then kill him and the rest of his cronies in a fire. The last thing Adan said to Vihrepp was "Dogs are obedient, i am too feral to be obedient. I am a Wolf". After adopting Wolf as his permanent name he bought himself his reinforced leather blast armor, weapons, and equipment to help him with his new job, bounty hunting. He would spend the next four years touring the galaxy and taking on different jobs


"For that kind of money I would go back in time to kill Cade Skywalker"

Now 21, wolf had his heart set on purchasing a ship of his own to expand his business. This very oportunity came along when a Jedi by the name of Seth paid Wolf to help him steal a Sith Holocron. Wolf was also rewarded with Cortosis gauntlets and a Cortosis Knife. These, and his new Skipray Blastboat named the Doom Hound would prove to be the best gifts he had ever gotten as they saved his life time and time again after running into numerous jedi and sith who had begun to feel his influence on the force. Eventually he became aware that the reason he was so lucky was because of him being a force sensitive and that it was making him a target. He sought to change this as being a target is never good in the bounty hunting business.

His searching lead him into the waiting arms of Darth Maris on Nar Shadaa who introduced him to the dark side of the force. After killing a Jedi to escape capture he was paid to take Maris back to Korriban. Along the way he began to develop feelings for Maris. Unfortunately the Sith recognized Wolf as the one who had killed a sith apprentice while helping a Jedi to steal the holocron and attacked. Maris, feeling betrayed, chased after the fleeing bounty hunter almost destroying him before he escaped into hyperspace to Nar Shadaa. Feeling that it would be best to hide, Wold Ulem quickly repaired his ship and fled to Hoth where he was found again by Maris after she talked to a dock worker that saw Wolf leave. After a short battle on Hoth that ended up with Maris wounded and a storm closing in, the bounty hunter did the unexpected, and save the Sith Lords life. He and Maris went back to Nar Shadaa and subsequently fell in love. Again, tragedy struck the hunter as before anything could happen between him and his new love she was called into service by the newly revealed Sith Archon Darth Imogen. He found a young Jedi named Shii who took him to her mother Leia so he could better learn to use the force. It was here he was schooled in the light side of the force. Not long afterwards the Sith struck Dosuun while wolf was there in hiding. Wolf managed to evacuate a number of people from the planet with the help of a Imperial General that happened to be investigating reports of a sith attack. Afterwards he flew to the Kathol sytem to avoid capture. Unfortunately during flight he was intercepted by Darth Maris. She let him go and he warned Kathol. Despite his warning the planet's military could not repel the sith force and Wolf was captured while trying to sneak refugees out of the captured planet. Maris imprisoned him but could not bring herself to kill him and eventually decided to run away with Wolf. They took a small group of loyal men with them and Fled to Degobah. During the journey Maris and Wolf discovered they were going to become parents. They reached Degobah where they stayed in hiding untill a sith assassin was sent for them. After Barely escaping death Wolf decided that he had been hiding long enough and took Maris and the men back to Nar Shadaa where he entered into a business venture in the form of a bar owned by The Dealer. Realizing this was still not enough to protect him and his new family he took a contract with the Sith Alchemist Batrokk and was told to kill both Tabris Longuine and Karis Amalia for 500,000,000 and vaccines against all of Batrokks diseases for him, Maris, and their unborn child.

Personality and Traits

Wolf is a hard man who has had a hard and very short life that only seems to be getting harder. Despite this he has the same constant outlook on life. He has decided that the universe is a terrible place and that the only thing you can do is look out for yourself and maybe a few others in any way you can. When it comes to politics he is neutral in most areas preferring not to take sides as that would be bad for his business. He is usually rude and uncouth with a general contempt for everybody but this does not mean he isn't smart. On the contrary he is quite clever and uses this to his advantage in his line of work preferring to know a little about everything rather than focusing on just one skill in particular.

Powers and Abilities

Wolf is an ok pilot, mechanic, programmer, lockpicker, marksman, and tracker along with many other things that he has picked up from job to job as nessecary. His best skill would have to be in melee fighting and is proficient in Form 1, Form 3, Trakata, Fast Style, and Strong Style fighting techniques as well as being quick on his feet and even fleeter of mind. Recently his training with Darth Maris has taught him rudimentary force skills such as Object Manipulation, Force Push, Force Jump, Life Sense, Force Sense, and Force Reflex.

Health Issues/Weaknesses

Wolf's greatest weakness is that he puts a lot of effort into making sure he doesn't have any. This causes him to often do things to rid himself of a perceived weakness that are often foolish and unnecessary. Also his quest to rid himself of weakness has made him overlook several weaknesses such as his lack of empathy. He also becomes irrational and filled with rage when he loses the things he loves. This isn't that great of a weakness however because he loves very little.

Appearance and Clothing

Appearance Long arms and legs, fairly handsome.

Clothing: Wolf has reinforced leather blast armor that he wears constantly and a filtration helmet that he sometimes dons for special occasions. Underneath he wears light simple clothing. (the blast armor looks like Metal Armor from
fallout without the spikes. i know, negative points for originality)

Weapons and Vehicles

DH-17 blaster, Cortosis Knife, Cortosis Gauntlets,Reinforced leather blast armor, Assorted Grenades, Rocket Propelled Steel Cable, A280 blaster rifle, stolen green lightsaber, and 2 hunting blasters of more recent make.


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